Student survival tips

Here are some survival tips for those money savvy freshers who are keen to make the most of their student loans

Money Tip 1 – Sign up for Discount Websites

One of the best things about being a student is all the free stuff you get given during Freshers week. Pens, keyrings, pizza… make sure you grab it all. Or better yet, sign up for websites like and you can keep the freebies going all year round. Not only do they offer discounts on eating out and shopping, but they also give out free samples of things like make-up and chocolate. Companies seem less keen to give you free stuff once you grow up, so make the most of it while you can!

Money Tip 2 – Do NOT buy a kettle before you get to uni

Kettles are one of those odd pieces of equipment at uni. In a flat of eight people you will either end up with eight of the things or none at all. Either way, we recommend you don’t shell out on items like kettles or irons until you see what other people have brought with them. If no-one turns up with one, you can always join together as a group and buy one.


Money Tip 3 – Shop Smart, Shop Online

Some students may be lucky enough to live next door to a supermarket, but many student digs are a lengthy walk from a decent shop. And whilst a twenty minute walk may seem fine in the sunshine, trying to carry that huge pack of value loo rolls back home in the rain will quickly dampen your spirits. If you can get a group of you together it is well worth ordering your groceries online. Not only can you split the cost of delivery, but you can also bulk-buy the things everybody uses. Which means no more arguing over who stole the last of your milk.

Money Tip 4 – Don’t take a TV

You may not believe it before you get there, but most students simply don’t have time to watch TV at university. Most of your time will be spent trying out new sports, joining new societies or just drinking down the union bar… and maybe studying occasionally. But if you really can’t get by without your fix of New Girl or QI, watch it online instead. Catch-up services like BBC IPlayer and 4oD are free to use (just double check your download limit), and as long as you don’t stream anything live you don’t need a tv licence.

Do you have any more money saving tips? Or any student stories to share? Let us know below!

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