Program Overview

The CDAP Program is a full time, 12 week immersive program designed by industry veterans and endorsed by data science and analytics thought leaders in industry and academia.


  • The innovative program is designed by the best minds, in close partnership with industry experts and academia. Our Leadership Council provides overall guidance and continuous feedback on the curriculum, thereby ensuring the curriculum is updated and meets the industry needs as they evolve.
  • CDAP complements your university degree and work experience. Our broad-based curriculum trains you on skills required by Hiring Managers that makes you ready to contribute from Day 1.
  • Our faculty have taught at top universities such as Columbia, NYU, and Yeshiva, and are employees/alums of top employers such as McKinsey, American Express, Wolters Kluwer, IBM etc., who have demonstrated an enthusiasm for teaching.
  • We connect you with potential employers ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to cool startups, which are seeking candidates like you.
  • With so many career options in this space, across various functions and domains, it would be natural to be confused on what to pursue. We provide mentorship and career guidance to our students to ensure they pursue areas that interest them and which will make them successful. Remember, our mission is to help you build a successful career and not just get a job.
  • Our recruitment process starts on Day 1, as soon as you start the program. We hope all our students have their dream job by the time they are graduating.


Our Students are trained on a broad-based curriculum and learn from acclaimed faculty.


Data Integrity
Reporting & Analysis
Predictive Modeling


Machine Learning
Language / Tools
Project Management


General Management
Business Strategy
Case Studies
Industry Speakers