Our Talent

rSQUAREedge was created with a mission to develop world class data science and analytics professionals for successful careers at forward-thinking companies.

We strive to address hiring manager pain points by delivering top-class talent who is ready to contribute from Day 1. The founders are veterans in the data analytics space and have hired and managed large teams at businesses of varying sizes. Hence, they fully understand the needs of hiring managers and resonate well with them.


  • High Caliber, Multi-faceted Talent – All our students are handpicked through a rigorous admissions process based on academic excellence, resume, analytical ability, communication skills, and attitude.
  • Reliable Supply with Short Lead Time – Our 12-week immersive program ensures there is a new cohort graduating every 3 months at which time students are ready to join you immediately. We manage a recruiting cycle to ensure easy access to our students.
  • Lower Expenses on Training & Development – Our students undergo rigorous training from the best minds in a broad set of practical skills, and are ready to start contributing from Day 1.