Our Mission

To train and develop world class data science and analytics professionals for successful careers at forward-thinking companies.

World Class

Data science and analytics is a business discipline rather than a technology discipline. To be world class, business professionals must be adept at problem solving, in addition to technical ability. The best practitioners adopt a multi-faceted frame.

Successful Career

Getting a job is only the beginning. In our view, to sustain a successful career in data science and analytics requires a complete grasp of business metrics and goals, creating strategically astute recommendations, evangelizing them to stakeholders, and pushing implementation to produce real business value.

Forward-thinking Companies

Analytically advanced companies continuously leverage vast amounts of internal and external data to serve their customers better, driving shareholder value through top-line growth, improved decision-making, reduced expenses and better customer experience. The ability to harness big data to generate business value is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage. While some tasks can be automated, most analytical decisions benefit from human oversight and intelligence.

The first component of our mission is to train and develop data science and analytics professionals, to meet each element. To accomplish our mission, we develop data science and analytics professional through classroom training in technical and business skills, mentorship, close interactions with industry professionals, and career guidance.