Our Edge



rSQUAREedge founders are recognized leaders in the data science and analytics space, having close to 30 years of real-world experience and deep connections with the industry. They have founded, hired and managed large data analytics teams at businesses of varying sizes. They are frequent speakers at industry and research conferences, have published two well-received books on statistical thinking and Big Data, and contribute regularly to media such as Harvard Business Review, The Daily Beast and FiveThirtyEight. Holding multiple Ivy League degrees, the founders understand the value of creating a trusted and lasting brand.


We believe instructors make a huge difference to learning. We select instructors who have a strong track record in engaging students, clarifying difficult materials, and incorporating industry-based practical knowledge through case studies and structured projects. Our instructors have taught at top universities and are employees/alums of top employers such as McKinsey, American Express, Wolters Kluwer etc. who have demonstrated an enthusiasm for teaching. A few of our Leadership Council members have also volunteered to teach courses.

Leadership Council:

We have convened a Leadership Council that comprises high profile senior executives from large corporations who manage large data analytics teams. These executives provide overall guidance to our program and continuous feedback on the course curriculum, thereby ensuring our students are learning skills that meet the current industry needs.


Our senior advisors are C-level Officers at large corporations and leaders in education and academia who believe in our mission.


We offer an innovative program that is designed by the best minds, in close partnership with industry experts and academia. It covers a broad-based curriculum that prepares you well on practical skills required by hiring managers and makes you ready to contribute from Day 1.

Corporate Partners

We are assembling an array of recruiting partners who are eager to hire our students. These potential employers range from Fortune 50 companies to cool startups.