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What skills are required by data science and analytics professionals?Based on our own experiences, surveys from our corporate partners and other public surveys such professional need to be multi-faceted and skilled in various dimensions. While technical skills are important, they merely are a means to conduct analysis. In addition to statistical and computational ability, a world class professional will be adept at problem solving, business acumen, strategy, communication and selling his/her business proposition to decision makers.What is the CDAP Program like?

It is a 12 week full time intensive program in which students attend classes from 10 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. In addition, guest lectures, projects, career guidance, networking events and recruiting events will be arranged throughout the duration.

Is the CDAP Program full-time or part-time?

Full-time only. The program is designed to get you prepared in as little time as possible so that you can start your career as soon as possible.

Is this Program on-site or on-line?

The entire program is run on-site from a desirable location in New York City. RSquare Edge stresses quality of teaching. Most of our training is conducted on-site. You will also learn a lot from being around your fellow students. We will have guest speakers from local companies.

I can’t come to New York City. Do you run programs in other cities?

We will expand into other cities in the near future. Click here if you want to be notified about our expansion.

How is your CDAP Program different from Information Technology or Computer Science training?

Data science and analytics is a business discipline and not a technology discipline. We train people to use data to solve real business problems which will add value to our corporate partners. Value should be measurable in terms key business metrics such as top line growth, expense reduction and customer satisfaction among others.

How is your CDAP Program different from MS in Data Science programs offered by universities?

University programs tend to be more technical, theoretical and longer.

Will you provide any computers or laptops?


Will you provide any accommodation during the program?

New York City has many short term accommodation options through apartment shares, sublets etc. There are tons of websites such as, where you will be able to find short term accommodation.

Are there specific types of work experiences that will make me a more attractive candidate?

Not really. If you meet our eligibility criteria, please go ahead and apply.

When should I expect an invitation for an interview?

We evaluate all applications before sending out interview invites. You can expect to hear from us within 2 weeks after you apply.

Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status?

Please send an email to

Can we defer our admissions to next cohort/s?Yes, you will need to provide a non-refundable deposit of $5,000 to secure a spot in the next cohort.Who are the companies that hire from the program?

Please refer to our list of Recruiting Partners

Are international students accepted into the program?


Who is eligible to apply to the programs?

We welcome both fresh graduates and experienced professionals to apply. Please refer to the eligibility section for more information.

How do I know I am ready to apply ?

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and are passionate about pursuing a career in data science and analytics, you are all set.

Am I eligible if I don’t have a background in programming or university degree in technical disciplines such as sciences, technology, engineering and math?

Absolutely. We are here to train you.

Can I use a student visa to attend rSQUAREedge?

Yes. If you have a F1 visa or OPT status, you are welcome to attend.

Can I use a tourist visa to attend rSQUAREedge?


What is the estimated cost for the Program and is there any financing available?

Please refer to the tuition and financing section for more details

Is there a deposit required to secure a place once accepted into the program?

Yes, we will require a deposit of $5,000 to secure a place in the program once accepted.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, rSQUAREedge has partnered with a support organization “Women in Machine Learning and Data Science” and is now offering merit based full scholarship to women who apply to the CDAP Program. There is no separate application for scholarship and all women who apply to the program are eligible for the scholarship.

Can I use 529 funds to pay the tuition?


Can I be sponsored by my company for your Program?

However, do keep in mind that you will be committing to a 12-week full-time immersive program. So you will need to make the necessary arrangement with your employer for those 12 weeks.

Does the program guarantee a job at the end?

No, there is no guarantee for a job after the program. However, we are assembling a large set of recruiting partners eager to hire our students. Keep in mind that the program has been endorsed by senior leaders in the industry so the skills you will learn at RSquare Edge are what hiring managers are looking for.

What if I want to pursue a job outside the network of your Recruiting Partners?

This is a free world and everyone should choose which company he/she would like to pursue. That said, we hope the roster of companies we assembled will meet your needs. And their hiring managers are well-informed about our training program, and may even be involved in program activities, increasing your chance of securing jobs.

Is your program accredited by any university or board? Do you give out any degree?

No and no. One of the reasons why RSquare Edge exists is to provide you with credentials and skills that colleges and universities do not. Many employers are frustrated that the accredited curricula are too narrowly focused and theoretical, and do not prepare you well for a career in data analytics.

What is your tuition refund policyAny tuition paid in excess of the non refundable deposit will be fully reimbursed prior to program start. There will be no tuition refund after the program start date.