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Our 12 Weeks CDAP Program

Our curriculum is designed by industry veterans and endorsed by analytics thought leaders.

Comprehensive. You will be exposed to all the skills that hiring managers desire, from statistical thinking to computing to business strategy.

Realistic. Most corporations use a variety of already-deployed technologies while they are modernizing and enriching their tool set. You will be trained in a range of technologies and tools required by both traditional companies and startups.

Practical. Our faculty has vast amount of real-world expertise in data science and analytics. They tailor our classes to focus on practical skills that are widely used in industry. Plenty of case studies are used, and guest speakers supplement the classroom experience.


Quality of Faculty

We recruit faculty who have deep experience in industry in addition to a passion for teaching. We believe that teachers make a big difference to the student experience.

Our instructors have taught or worked at major universities and companies.

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Quality of Recruiting Network

Our students receive career guidance throughout the program. We are dedicated to helping you not just land a lucrative job but also build a lasting career in data science and analytics.

 We have assembled a Leadership Council to develop industry-leading strategies for career development. The council members come from prestigious companies.

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