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  • Why now is a great time to start your own business

    Despite the general economic doom and gloom, bank lending and business  outlook – now is exactly the right time for budding young entrepreneurs to start  their own business. Here are 7 reasons why every young person should consider starting their own business: Part time income vs. Part time job If you are fortunate enough to find a part-time job, […]

  • Learn about Analyzing Massive Web Data

    rSQUAREedge announces an online information session on its 12-week Certified Data Analytics Practitioner (CDAP) program. As part of the information session, we have invited Dr. Augustine Fou, a distinguished faculty member at rSQUAREedge to give a webinar on analyzing massive web data to managing advertising fraud. About the Webinar In this session, Dr. Fou will […]

  • 5 Warning Signs that Turn Off Data Science Hiring Managers

    As a hiring manager for data analytics positions, I often complain that there are not enough qualified resumes. Most of the resumes that do get passed on to me from recruiters quickly get filed away. Those job candidates belong to one of five high-risk types that I have identified over the years. These high-risk candidates […]